Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I/T Architect Certification Revisited

I previously blogged about a Vendor-Neutral I/T Architect Certification Program sponsored by The Open Group. I noticed recently that IBM became the first employer to have its internal I/T Architect Certification Program “accredited” by The Open Group. This was effective January 26, 2006. I believe what this means is that I/T architects who work for IBM and are certified by internally by the IBM I/T Architect Program will also qualify for The Open Group I/T Architect Certification. (For anybody who cares, I've been an IBM-Certified I/T Architect since July 1996.) The Open Group calls this “indirect” certification. I expect HP will also get their I/T Architect certification program accredited as well as HP is also a “Platinum Member” of The Open Group. If your employer does not have an accredited certification program or you are an independent, you have the option to get a “direct” certification. See I/T Architect Certification for more details.

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