Monday, February 06, 2006

Google to Partner with IBM?

There is an interesting piece on CNN Money Googling IBM in which Eric Schonfeld argues that Google should seek a partnership with IBM. Some quotes to get your attention...

"Partners and analysts believe that Google (Research) is ready to plunge into the lucrative business-software market—and IBM (Research) may be the best partner to help it dive in."

"Of all the big tech companies, IBM is perhaps the least threatened by Google, since IBM's focus is on large corporate customers. IBM, in turn, could tap into Google's small-business constituency.

Talk about a powerful partnership," says IDC's Gens. "It would bring hipness to IBM's brand and corporate gravitas to Google."

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James Governor said...

IBM and Google already *have* a partnership, as a google search would have shown.

Philip Hartman said...

You are correct. Perhaps my post should be more precisely called "Google to Expand Partnership wiht IBM?" or "Will Google Expand Partnership with IBM?" or "Will Google Partner with IBM to Dig Deeper into the Enterprise Software Space?" or something like that. Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Google already has a partnership with BearingPoint.