Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Cultural Diversity for I/T Architects

I found myself appreciating Scott Mark's reaction to his first visit to China. I had a similar reaction to India two years ago. Take a look at Application Architecture for the Enterprise: China and the Swarm

"China is amazing in many ways to me. For one thing, it's an incredibly pedestrian society. It's lightweight and limber at the lowest levels. Buildings are literally flying up all around Shanghai, and yet you see the bricks arrive on site via handcart and bicycle basket. I can't imagine the amount of goods in China that are hauled around by individuals rather than machines. Is that inefficient, or the product of a behind society? I don't think so. I think it's amazingly limber and responsive. The West is in the process of trying to discover or re-discover the swarm. China is the swarm."


scott said...

There is a lot of talk and press about places like India and China. These geographies and various of their relevant issues are topics that US-based developers and architects are now required to know and discuss. But I think far too few have actually travelled to these places. US companies in my opinion should make it a high priority to give their employees opportunities to experience them directly.

Philip Hartman said...

Scott, I whole heartedly agree!