Sunday, May 14, 2006

Data Integration Nightmare for Your Supply Chain?

A while back I had a post Supply Chain, the Next Sarbanes-Oxley regarding the possibility of greatly increased government regulation of supply chains due to Homeland Security concerns. This included the possibility of US importers having to take responsibility for security of their inbound shipping containers enroute (regardless of when they legally take ownership of the goods), increased demands for standardized data (What was the passport number of the driver who brought the goods in from Mexico?), and more. The US Customs is currently piloting with some major importers a program which uses Global Positioning Satellite receivers to track the exact route taken by ocean bound shipping containers. (Why did your shipping container make a stop in Pakistan on the way to the US?) This kind of information collection is currently voluntary but there is speculation it could become mandatory. For an update of pending Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism legislation take a look at C-TPAT Legislation Update.

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