Sunday, February 10, 2008

Do You Use a Dash?

This may be a silly thing, but when you write your job title, do you write it as "I/T Architect" or "IT Architect" ?

I got used to using the slash several years ago. I think that is what I saw most often inside IBM where I work.

However, now it seems that I am seeing the title written without the slash. I noticed that the Open Group certification program uses no slash. (See the Master Certified IT Architect logo on the right side of my blog.)

I'm tempted to abandon the slash. What do you think? Which do you use? Which do you like better?

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Richard Brown said...

I've never understood the slash. It certainly follows no rules of punctuation that *I* was ever taught :-)

I call myself an IT Specialist or, on days of excessive pedantry, an I.T. Specialist.

I think the proliferation of slashes inside IBM stems from successful lines in the past such as OS/360, PL/I and so on.

Of course, the fact that some people insist on including slashes where none are needed (e.g. by writing DB2, incorrectly, as DB/2) just makes me suspect the slash is used without much thought or care.

My vote is for you to drop it from your blog!

Arif said...

I say drop the the dash. It looks cleaner that way.

It's more web 2.0! lol ;)