Monday, November 27, 2006

Overtime Pay for I/T Architects?

I didn't even know this was going on until this morning, but apparently several high-tech companies including IBM, Siebel, and Computer Sciences Corp. have settled class action lawsuits regarding overtime pay for technology workers.
"International Business Machines Corp. settled a federal class-action lawsuit Wednesday, agreeing to pay a total of $65 million to 32,000 technology workers who claimed the company illegally withheld overtime pay....The case involved workers classified as "Technical Services Professional and Information Technology Specialists." IBM considered them highly skilled professionals exempt from overtime laws detailed in the Fair Labor Standards Act and California labor laws....Software maker Siebel Systems Inc. settled a class action suit by more than 800 workers earlier this month. The workers, who had job titles such as "software engineer" and "senior software engineer," will receive a total of $27.5 million....Last year, El Segundo-based Computer Sciences Corp. settled an overtime class-action suit by 30,000 employees for $24 million. "
For more complete details, see IBM Settles Overtime Lawsuit for $65M.

I don't plan on spending the money until I see it in my bank account. :-)

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apparently it paid out, I got my share