Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What's in a Name? SAP Gives Up on ESA and Adopts SOA Terminology

I heard today that SAP was abandoning their name "Enterprise Services Architecture" name (see this ESA post from 2004 and Breaking Down SAP's ESA Strategy) in favor of the more widely used term Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). I decided to do a little Googling tonight to check it out. I could find no official announcement about the name change (I didn't look all that long) but many of the top ranked search results now seem to come back with the term "Enterprise SOA" (see SAP's Enterprise SOA Adoption Program). It is a little amusing that on one SAP page pointing readers to white papers, both terms are used.

I don't know how significant this really is, but it appears they are grudgingly adopting the terminology everyone else is using.

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