Monday, June 05, 2006

I Really Am a Master Certified I/T Architect

I have previously blogged about the on-going efforts for vendor-neutral certification of I/T Architects, The Open Group which is running the program, how the goal is to get this certification as widely recognized as the PMP certification for project managers, and how IBM was the first employer to have its internal I/T Architect certification program "accredited" by the Open Group. (Drum roll please...) I would like to officially announce that according to the Open Group I am now a "Master Certified I/T Architect".

Anyone who would like make sure I didn't make this up may do so by going to the directory search and using "IBM Corporation", "Hartman", and my personal confirmation code of "ART_SCI_ITA" as the search criteria.

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Deepak Kaul said...

Congrats Phil!

Anonymous said...

I read that the Open Group was offering certification but what does that mean exactly? Is it a peer review? How long did it take for you to go through the process?

Philip Hartman said...

Deepak, Thanks!

Philip Hartman said...


I got certified the "indirect" way meaning my employer had an internal certification program that was "accredited" by The Open Group. Once accredited, anybody our internal program certifies is elligible for The Open Group certification.

If your employer does not have an accredited program of its own, you can get certified the "direct" way in which you apply directly to The Open Group. You can download a certification package from their site. I believe there is a face-to-face interview required but don't hold me to that.

What does it mean? Like any certification it is supposed to give any potential employer or client some assurance that you are competent enought to meet the minimum standards of the certifying authority. But.. I'd recommend you check out the FAQ on The Open Group web site.