Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Ellusive Goal of Business - I/T Alignment

Here is a quote from an insightful article called "The Business Of I.T. Is Business
Six keys to lasting alignment with your business partners."
from Susan Cramm at

"To tackle alignment, CIOs must first accept the fact that IT's business counterparts will always want more for less, without delay. CIOs need to learn how to balance the limited supply of IT services with the seemingly infinite demand in a way that is acceptable to the business. This is done through strategy and governance practices that force the business to acknowledge limits and say no to themselves. IT capacity constraints (which are more often people-based than money-based) can be relieved by designing technologies and organizations that "flex" as business volume and project demands ebb and flow. "

I really like that "say no to themselves" part. However, I fear that business users restrain themselves like I say "no" to another chocolate chip cooke. :-)

Check out the article.

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